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Test your piloting skills as you overcome the Star Hulk Icarus's decaying gravity fields
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19 March 2009

Editor's review

Owing to their adventurous and thrilling nature, spaceship games have often been preferred over all the available war games. These games require great hand-eye combination in order to deal with a number unknown objects and entities. If you’re also a die hard fan of such games, then try out your hands on Scavenger 1.07.1. The game has a man, accompanied by a droid, who is flying a single Scavenger Space ship that has left on a mission associated with giant vessel Star Hulk Icarus. They have to capture and locate the Energy Source on Icarus. But to their surprise, the mission was not that simple, as they had to deal with aliens, and had to fight hard to get the Energy Sources. Gamers would surely enjoy collecting Energy Source, along with battling with the aliens spread across the enormous vessel. You can play any of the provided 5 challenging modes to enjoy 80 adventurous levels.

The Scavenger 1.07.1 begins with the screen prompting you to create player profile by filing up a name. Creating the profile, you go directly for playing the game or alter the game options. The ‘HOW TO PLAY’ option describes the game controls along with their functions. Press Options Menu for customizing game configurations, where you can mark/unmark Full Screen, High Resolution, Mute Sound, Hide In-game Tips, and Swap Mouse buttons. In addition to these, you also can alter the level of Sound Volume and Music Volume. The game provides one ‘Beginner’ with five other game modes that are Gravity, Limited Fuel, Darkness, Three Lives, and Motion Sickness. When the game begins you’re shown the story and the different info is also provided at the beginning of each level. You need to cross through the area collecting the treasures and Energy Sources. Doing this you have to prevent your shield from getting damaged while you move or fight alien bugs, cannons, or other threats. The difficulty increases at each level, but you surely would find thrilling to play the game.

Scavenger 1.07.1 game requires accuracy both in moving and firing while having to collect the required Energy Sources. The game comprises of alluring graphics, easily negotiable controls which earns the application a sore of 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

One human, one droid and a Scavenger class space ship. Enter the Star Hulk Icarus on one last mission: to locate and capture the Energy Source. It was to be a simple job, but nobody mentioned the alien mass spreading across the massive vessel's interior. Test your piloting skills as you overcome the Icarus's decaying gravity fields. Rotate, thrust and shoot your way through 80 sectors, collecting riches, battling aliens and unlocking the way to freedom. Scavenger blends action based gameplay with carefully designed, challenging levels to create a shoot'em'up experience like no other. Features 80 levels of alien mayhem and five challenging game modes.
Version 1.08.4
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